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Branding for an ambitious school bursary campaign

Change 100 is Stowe School’s vision to raise an endowment fund of £100 million to support 100 bursary places in perpetuity – providing access to a Stowe education and financial assistance to children from less-advantaged backgrounds.

A bold ambition needs a bold visual identity to drive awareness, engagement and – ultimately – donations across the school community.

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A cohesive campaign narrative
The campaign tagline – a chance for every change maker – links to the school’s brand purpose. This core message is adopted throughout the campaign to create a cohesive narrative for everything from headlines and storytelling to call to actions.

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Going green
We wanted the campaign’s visual identity to be different to the school’s brand, but also clearly from the same family. Switching the main colour from yellow to green helped us to achieve this. The vibrant tone makes the campaign stand out everywhere – from social posts to an envelope on the doormat.

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Campaign roll-out
This campaign will run for many years but has already been very successful, raising £10m in the first year alone. Detailed guidelines have enabled the campaign to be delivered across digital and print collateral, (including major direct mail campaigns), as well as in-person events.

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