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Fundraising campaign for Headington School

Headington School believe that creativity is a critical skill that enables all students to thrive, not just the ‘arty’ ones. To symbolise this and make it a key feature of the Headington education, a state-of-the-art creativity and innovation centre was conceived.

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It starts with a name 

Our involvement began with naming the building. The Hive – an output of workshops, brainstorming and much discussion – representing the buzz of activity and creativity that the building facilitates, and this became the foundation for the campaign’s look and feel.


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Going big

Whilst digital communications were a major part of the campaign, print played a key role too. An A5 booklet wasn’t going to cut it, therefore by going big with an oversized A3 brochure, the key target donors couldn’t miss it on their doormat. It also conveyed the spirit of thinking differently, and gave the student-produced artworks a space to look their best.


“MCC really took the time to understand our objectives and as a result helped us to develop an incredibly strong campaign message and branding for which we cannot thank them enough. They are a talented team and we continue to enjoy working with them.”

Development Manager, Headington School

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