There’s no need to be bored of your school’s brand colours


There’s No Need To Be Bored Of Your School’s Brand Colours

In our survey of the largest 500 independent schools in the UK, 59% of schools use a shade of blue as their key colour, 20% use red and just 3% use pink – read more here.

Whether you’re a blue, red or pink school, staring at that colour day in day out can become tedious. Nearly every branding project we do starts with a discussion about how to ‘change up’ the colour palette.

Here are three ways to get excited about your school’s brand colours:

Use more of it

Don’t be scared to major on your colour. Your brand is there to differentiate you and to create a memorable impression – going ‘all in’ with a single colour is a good way to achieve this. It can be daunting to pin yourself down to being a ‘purple school’ but increased recognition and a stronger brand image are the payoffs.

Being brave with your colour oozes confidence, no matter what the colour is. Nobody would choose brown as a confident colour, but could you imagine UPS any other way?

The biggest brands on the planet use their colours confidently and consistently across every thing they do, solidifying the brand in consumers’ minds. Would you recognise Coca Cola as well if they flittered between green, orange and blue?

Tweak it

An approach we’ve used for many schools is to revitalise their existing colours by making small tweaks to the shades. It’s surprising how a small change can make such a difference.

Web Graphics3 Img2

Pair it with others

A striking upgrade to your brand can be achieved with the addition of one or more colours. Secondary palettes can help to visually tell the story of your brand and its personality. For example an energetic, playful brand might team vibrant, punchy secondary colours with a darker primary colour. Whereas a studious brand may use several tones of one colour.

Perhaps you already have other colours in the brand palette? Looking at other ways these are used will help bring new life into your brand.

Colour is arguably the most subjective topic in branding, but whether you personally like the colours in your brand or not, it is important to utilise the power of colour in your school’s identity.

Here are three schools we’ve worked with who have been brave with colour:

A bold and vibrant brand identity for Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College Header

Prospectus, brand development and advertising for Abingdon School

Abingdon 2480x1400px Featureimage E1549017129394

A word-centric brand for STAHS

Personality 2480x1400px