Does your school need a strapline?

Quick Insights

Flashing Strapline

Straplines can be a powerful tool at the heart of your marketing; crystallising what you stand for and why people should care. But that will only be the case if they are underpinned by research, grounded in strategy, and beautifully crafted. If you don’t have the time, resource or expertise to do this, then it’s absolutely fine (preferable even) not to have a strapline – leave it for another time when you can do it properly.

The bottom line

Do it properly or don’t do it at all. A good strapline sparks intrigue and challenges perceptions, a poor one can lead to scepticism and send the wrong message.  

A good strapline strengthens your marketing by  

  • expressing what people value most about the school 

  • defining the school’s ethos 

  • shifting outdated perceptions 

  • differentiating the school from others 

  • becoming a narrative for campaigns 

The potential of a good strapline: Apple – Think Different.

Although born as a campaign tagline, Think Different quickly became the rallying cry that underpinned one of the greatest corporate turnarounds in history. These two words captured what Apple stood for perfectly. They spoke to the people Apple believed in, uniting and inspiring a community that has propelled the company to mainstream success and driven its market-defining innovations. All by combining two everyday words.  

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