New-in-post heads should rebrand their school to help them succeed

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New In Post Heads Should Rebrand Their School To Help Them Succeed

Most heads today ‘get’ the importance of marketing for independent schools. But few know how important branding specifically can be in their own success; achieving their vision for the school and making change happen.

Why it matters

All eyes are on new heads as they strive to make their mark and drive the progress that parents and governors expect. Yet to succeed in their vision, heads must bring the school community along with them – strategic branding is the tool to make this happen.

How branding helps

  • Articulates the head’s vision for the school; making it understandable and memorable

  • A statement of intent and a clear marker of action and change to all stakeholders

  • Builds excitement, pride and optimism, generating buy-in to the journey and boosting morale

  • Shows it’s happening, not just talk

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