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A confidence inspiring brand for an independent college

Kent College, Canterbury were struggling to stand out in a concentrated market with a conservative and lacklustre identity. We created a brand and messaging to reflect their progressive and open-minded ethos, and help restore a sense of pride in the school.


Less is more

A key part of the rebrand was modernising the college’s crest. We simplified the design – removing fussy elements, adding a curve to the shield and making it one-colour – creating an adaptable symbol suitable for modern use, whilst maintaining a sense of the school’s heritage.


Before And After Logo
Before And After Logo2


Open to thrive

Our tagline ‘open to thrive’ embodies the school’s openness to new ideas and innovations, as well as its welcoming and accepting culture.

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In Situ

Kc Bus Stop Mockup

Monogram Breakdown 2

Water Bottle And Pattern