Why stakeholder interviews are a key part of branding

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Why Atkeholder Interviews Are A Key Part Of Branding
During the research phase of any branding project, stakeholder interviews should be done with people across the entire community. In schools this typically includes staff, pupils, parents, governors and alumni. They can be held individually or in small groups. 

Why stakeholder interviews are important

For three key reasons:

  • they get under the skin of the school by asking probing questions to the people who know it best

  • they reveal common threads that could be key to the branding process  

  • they get buy-in to the new brand as people feel engaged and involved in the process  

What you can uncover in stakeholder interviews 

  • what people value most about the school 

  • the essence of the school and its ethos 

  • how the school is perceived and whether this matches reality 

  • how the school is different to competitors 

  • what people think about the current brand 

In branding, good research results in better outcomes, and stakeholder interviews produce some of the most insightful research possible.