Don’t start on your new website until you’ve got your brand sorted

Quick Insights

Don't Start Your New Website Until You've Got Your Brand Sorted

We see these two scenarios a lot:

  1. schools dive enthusiastically into a new website project, only to grind to a halt part way through when they realise they need to get the fundamentals sorted first 

  2. schools launch another generic website that, if you changed the logo, could be any school

The best and most effective websites are built on the foundation of a strong brand that’s clear about what makes it stand out in a crowded market and expresses this in a creative, engaging way. 

Why it matters 

Your website is your most important marketing tool, but to make it as effective as possible you need to be clear on who you are, how you speak and why people should care. This is fleshed-out and expressed through strategic branding project. 

Good branding will make your new school website more effective by: 

  • being unique, clearly differentiating your school 

  • being tailored to your target audience 

  • authentically reflecting your school, its personality and ethos 

  • aligning with the vision and direction of the school  

  • speaking in your own tone of voice 

  • being consistent with all other touch points, from social ads to minibuses 

Go deeper… 

Great marketing has to be underpinned by strategic branding