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Identity revamp for Reading Blue Coat

Spurred by outdated perceptions and an inconsistent use of the brand, the school were looking to redefine and refine their visual identity. Some exciting new developments were part of the mix: an official coat-of-arms and the introduction of a development office to build relations with alumni.

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Coat of arms

After a lengthy and bureaucratic process, the school was awarded an official coat of arms by the College of Arms. Our challenge was to take this elaborate, hand-painted artwork and make it relevant and usable for a modern school in the digital world. This involved painstakingly recreating it as a faithful digital reproduction (imperfections and all) and creating simplified symbols for everyday use in the school’s marketing and communications.

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“MCC truly ‘get us’.

There are no formulas or templates in place, just a small team who understand the independent school sector and appreciate the individuality of every school. We’re so pleased with our new brand – it’s helped us to identify exactly who we are.”

Director of Marketing and Admissions, Reading Blue Coat

Coat Of Arms

Crest Pantones

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