Student focussed brochure for St Albans High School for Girls

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November 26, 2018
Branding, communications and campaign for St Helen and St Katharine School
November 26, 2018
Project details
The challenge
Our brief was very clear; the school did not want a ‘prospectus’ – they wanted to be different to other schools. But they did understand the power of print to engender the personality and ethos of the school. They also wanted it to speak directly to the potential students (10-11 year old girls) rather than their parents, and be authentic and relevant to this audience.

Our approach
‘Hey’ was born of the idea that to be authentic and friendly the brochure should be a conversation from girl to girl; current student to potential student. So we started by asking the question ‘how do 10 year old girls greet each other?’. They would say ‘hey’, not ‘welcome’.

The rest of the brochure is a scrapbook of comments, stats and facts from current girls around the themes a potential student would most want to know. The irregular shaped pages and hand-scribed text add to the authentic feel. It’s a fun and engaging way to get across really useful information.