Revitalising RMS for Girls’ prospectus and branding

Branding, communications and campaign for St Helen and St Katharine School
November 26, 2018
A dynamic donation report for Radley College
October 26, 2018
Project details
The challenge
The Royal Masonic School for Girls had an existing prospectus and advertising campaign that no longer aligned with the school’s communication goals or vision. The school was looking to develop a new approach that would make it stand out in the competitive landscape, whilst reflecting the excellent education and opportunities on offer. They were looking to develop new, exciting communications to show how RMS help girls develop into people who ‘think differently’.

Key success factors
- Distinctive creative to cut through the marketing noise
- Strong messages that resonate with the target audience
- Captivating designs that communicate a true sense of the school and what makes it special

Our approach
The revitalised brand uses a new colour palette and branding elements to clearly structure the school’s departments. The introduction of a simplified crest and use of ‘RMS for Girls’ helps make the brand more distinctive and friendly. A narrative using the headline ‘What if?’ was also introduced as a tool to help communicate the school’s core values and approach. This was used in print, digital and outdoor advertising.

- Branding
- Print design
- Digital design
- Advertising