A dynamic donation report for Radley College

Revitalising RMS for Girls’ prospectus and branding
November 7, 2018
Project details
The challenge
Since the creation of The Radley Foundation in 2000 there has been little in the way of communicating its success to the community. Radley College approached MCC to develop their first report, including creative input into the editorial, designing all layouts, and management of all aspects of the production and distribution to around 10,000 recipients.

A naming strategy was the starting point for the project; we wanted one that would convey the purpose of development at the college in a single word. ‘Impact', teamed with the editorial style gave the document a dynamic feel and stopped it from looking like 'just another report'.

One key aim for the college was to make large amounts of information engaging and interesting for the diverse audience. We achieved this through the use of an editorial design, infographics, and carefully planned photography. A fold-out section in the centre of the document also helped to elevate the key development project.

- Naming and branding
- Conceptual
- Print design
- Print management