Branding, communications and campaign for St Helen and St Katharine School

Student focussed brochure for St Albans High School for Girls
November 26, 2018
Revitalising RMS for Girls’ prospectus and branding
November 7, 2018
Project details
The challenge
Building on the branding and website that we have already created for St Helen and St Katharine, we turned our attention to a campaign for the school. The immediate focus was to build interest and engagement around open days, but we also wanted a more enduring idea with ‘legs’ that could evolve over a number of years and become an integral brand message for the school.

Our approach
‘What will you find?’ reflects the breadth of opportunity to discover new things, and the individual journey that each student goes on at the school.

As you would expect, the campaign is truly integrated; website, prospectuses, advertising, social media, open day booklets, and so on. But beyond that, thanks to the authenticity of the message, the school community enthusiastically adopted ‘what will you find’; running departmental events, incorporating into presentations and tweeting with the hashtag.

- Advertising
- Branding
- Print design
- Web design
- Video