A vibrant alumni magazine for Uppingham School

A refined identity for the Reading Blue Coat community
October 29, 2019
Encapsulating the true spirit of Farnborough Hill
September 6, 2019
Project details
The challenge
In its 46th edition, Uppingham School’s alumni magazine – OU – is well established and much-loved. But the school recognised the need for change – to take the magazine forward, ensuring it stays relevant, whilst being respectful to its heritage and loyal readership.

Our approach
The evolution of the OU was split into two areas; design and content.

We carefully considered and improved every element of the magazine’s visual identity. Typography, colour, layout and space were all refined to create a more sophisticated and polished read.

Content wise, the magazine now gives greater prominence to more in-depth articles alongside the all important news and updates. Big images and varied layouts help the feature articles to stand-out and keep the reader engaged.

The many small refinements have taken the OU from good to great; a grown-up style that is vibrant and enjoyable to read, but remains true to its lineage.

- Conceptual designs
- Design layout and artwork
- Print and mailing management