A refined identity for the Reading Blue Coat community

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March 30, 2020
A vibrant alumni magazine for Uppingham School
October 3, 2019
Project details
The challenge

The convergence of several factors spurred Reading Blue Coat to develop and redefine its brand:
- A relatively new head, ready to make his mark
- Outdated perceptions of academic achievement
- A mixture of in-house and professionally designed materials, inconsistent in style and use of the brand
- A new coat-of-arms that needed to be incorporated into the brand
- A new Development Office and plans to significantly increase communication with alumni

Our approach

We examined, considered and reinvented every part of the school’s brand, starting with the name itself. The length of the name (Reading Blue Coat School) led to over half a dozen variations in use by the school. A simple switch to ‘Reading Blue Coat’ made it more usable, whilst also bringing a more confident and self-assured tone to the brand.

The new coat-of-arms (produced by the College of Arms) was well received as the official and ceremonial symbol of the school, but was not practical or fitting for the school’s marketing. We painstakingly digitised the coat-of-arms, and from there created a simple, memorable shield – giving weight to the school’s strengthening academic record.

Our work also included the creation of an identity and narrative to unite the whole community; ONE Reading Blue Coat. This is used to promote both the strength of individuality and shared ethos of those in the community, making everyone feel closer and connected to the school.


- School branding
- Community branding
- Digitisation of coat-of-arms
- Brand guidelines and templates