Hello there. We’re a creative agency specialising in design and branding for independent schools.

Every school has a compelling story to tell. Sometimes it’s staring you in the face. Sometimes that special nugget is hiding under the last rock you turn over. Wherever it is, we love the journey of discovery, and creating a brand that will strategically and creatively differentiate your school.

We really ‘get’ independent schools. Nothing incites our creative impulses more than being taunted with complex questions like; what inspires parents when deciding on a school? How do you keep alumni engaged? What motivates people to give to fundraising campaigns?


At heart, we’re a bunch of strategically-minded problem solvers with an itch to find simple, creative solutions. We love working with schools, and the longevity of our relationships show they like working with us too.

But we think it's important to keep a foot in the corporate world too – check-out other work.


We don’t have a house style, nor an out-of-the-box strategy. Our work is underpinned by our knowledge and experiences from other schools, but is always original, fresh and authentic – because no two schools are the same. We’re curious people. We love listening, learning, thinking and creating. We’ll wrap our arms around your project, immerse ourselves in your world and deliver the goods.

Some of the schools we've worked with
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Angie Bartlett
Senior Artworker
Paul Cox
Projects Manager
James Craig
Tilly Haley
Sian Harding
Creative Lead
Louise Jordon
Kelly Kent
Marketing Manager
Jo Orme
Project Coordinator
Garry Peasley
Art Director

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